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Looking for noise protection?

Looking for noise protection?

Ear muffs guarantee hearing protection in noisy places, as noise can be harmful to health. Health and safety regulations mandate the use of hearing protection in workplaces where there is such a risk. However, noise-related hearing loss can also occur at leisure. Events such as New Year's Eve or a concert, but also airplane or motorcycle travel and even renovations expose people to noise above the norm. Prolonged exposure to such conditions can lead to hearing deterioration and, in extreme cases, even hearing loss.

What exactly are they?

The earmuffs resemble over-ear headphones. They cover the entire auricles and are connected to each other by a headband that presses them against the head. However, the soft, sealed cushions do not completely muffle sound, so the user does not feel completely cut off from his surroundings. The headband has a considerable range of adjustment, so one model of earmuffs will work well for many different users.

Earmuffs for children

In children's earmuffs, proper fit is extremely important, as well as the quality of their workmanship. The materials they are made of do not cause skin rash, and the membrane itself provides adequate comfort for young ears. In children with Asperger's syndrome and autism, earmuffs have a soothing effect, helping with auditory hypersensitivity. They definitely make everyday life easier.

Noise levels harmful to children:

  • 160 dB - firecracker explosion
  • 140 dB - gun/rifle shot
  • 120-130 dB - airplane takeoff
  • 110 dB - train ride
  • 100 dB - renovation/drilling
  •  90 dB - motorcycle
  •  80 dB - dog barking


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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Die Lieferung war sehr schnell und komplet, wenn sie direkt mit einem Deutschen Liefersystem bzw. direkt aus Deutschland versendet worden wäre hätte ich eine 1plus vergeben!
Very good!