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Music earplugs

Music earplugs

For all lovers of musical events, amateur and professional musicians, hearing is one of the most important senses. Attending concerts, plays, operas, etc. carries the risk of hearing damage. Musicians, in particular, are at risk of irreversible hearing damage from frequent listening to music that is too loud.

Is it necessary to completely give up live performances in this case?


We respond to such problems and are happy to provide professional protection that will effectively and permanently eliminate such a worst-case scenario!

PartyPlug & PartyPlug Pro Natural ALPINE

PartyPlug are reusable earplugs designed especially for club, concert and festival goers.

The earplugs protect your hearing from too much noise, while providing clear reception of music and ambient sounds such as speech. They minimize the real danger of screeching and tinnitus and headaches.

The thermoplastic material from which they are made adapts perfectly to the shape of the ear canal, ensuring comfort throughout use.

MusicSafe Classic & MusicSafe Pro

MusicSafe are reusable earplugs dedicated to professional musicians, DJs and sound engineers.

The filters used in these earplugs attenuate the music signal without losing sound legibility. The special open acoustic filter makes the feeling of isolation disappear and the ear breathes.

The hypoallergenic material ensures comfort throughout the wearing of the earplugs.


IdoSell Trusted Reviews
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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
good and user-friendly website with good products. cheaper delivery options for non-priority orders would be perfect
Thanks for the quick and precise shipping, and for the extra mentos in the package! nice touch