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New, better gloves

The long-awaited new gloves are now on sale!

We also liked our old models - they were good and really cheap. However, our long-standing supplier decided that he would rather steal the whole amount than earn only part of it. Sometimes it happens. We lost our old supplier so, enriched by this experience, we decided to look for a new one. However, this was not an easy process. In 2022, we started looking for companies worth cooperating with. We ordered several hundred pairs of test gloves, which arrived in January 2023. That is how, we chose the company we wanted to cooperate with. Based on what they offer, adding the needs of those working in the industry, we developed five models of ideal gloves.

In March 2023, we received the first version of the gloves. Krzysztof went crazy with happiness, and we all know that he is not effusive and probably the last time he was so happy was when his daughter was born. The prototypes were inspected and touched by anyone who wanted to take a moment. All the feedback and suggestions meant that a few solutions were added and others abandoned.


In the foto: Michał 

Cegła i Żyraff

Two months later, we received test versions of our gloves, which we distributed to friends working in the industry to test under ‘combat’ conditions. We are eternally grateful to the band's technicians, sound, lighting and stage crews for their contribution to creating ‘glove masterpieces’.

About a year after starting this process, in September 2023, we launched five glove models that we firmly believe will meet the expectations and needs of the industry. We put them in your hands:
· xtra lite – the thinnest model for precision work on schorching days, without the cuff but with perforated, super breathable material,
· lite – also designed for light, precision work, but not as minimalist as the xtra lite version,
· max – maximum versatile all-purpose gloves,
· grip  – the most armored model of gloves,
· framer – similar to the grip, but without three covered fingers (thumb, index and middle).

In the foto: Cegła and Żyraff 


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