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Outfit w pracy

Outfit w pracy

If you work for a company where:

  • The boss doesn't give employee shirts,
  • They don't have black shirts anymore,
  • T-shirts are there, but not as cool as ours...

...Then take a look at our line of apparel created by the best designers you can think of (designed by technicians for technicians).

  In addition to the mark of the most distinctive company with equipment for stage technicians, clothes from have a few significant advantages that distinguish them in the market.
First of all they are made of stabilized cotton, so they do not expand and shrink during washing, moreover they do not stain other things in the washing machine.


  Black, short-sleeved, men's t-shirts - the most desirable types of shirts in technical industries.
The absence of side seams equals high wearing comfort, reducing to zero the possibility of chafing and irritation even during strenuous physical activity. Reinforcement tape and double seams on the shoulders provide additional protection against tearing in the most vulnerable areas. At the same time, they are virtually imperceptible when worn. Best of all - no more stretched collar effect thanks to the Lycra-reinforced hem.


  Black sweatshirts from are also not the most ordinary ones. With a zipper and two pockets, the sweatshirts are extremely pleasant to the touch, thanks to high-quality combed cotton. They have a two-layer hood, which provides additional protection for the head against the cold and wind. It has a built-in drawstring, which is the basis for practical regulation.
  The sweatshirts are equipped with practical and elastic ribbing at the bottom and on the sleeves, thanks to which they provide additional protection against wind and cold. However, this is not their only advantage. Thanks to the ribbing the garment fits perfectly to the body. Moreover, they protect it from losing its original shape during washing.
  The biggest plus is the opening for the headphone cable at the hood and inside the pocket.
You will not be able to pass by them indifferently, thanks to the inscriptions on the back, which express more than a thousand words... So you do not have to explain to every person you meet that you are at work. And that you are, of course, very busy.


 This year the range of clothing from has expanded to include... a baseball cap! The typical snapback has an adjustable strap so you can adjust the size individually, making it universal. The convenience of the strap is also reflected in an important practical feature: the cap can be attached to the belt loop of your pants or backpack. The presented snapback has several graphic embroideries from the "Stage crew fu*k off" series. It fits perfectly in the hardships of stage crew work, protecting the wearer from the sun, rain, sweat dripping into the eyes, or lack of a good haircut.



  No more lack of good and practical style at work. Affordable and decent clothes from were created by technicians for technicians. That's why so many people in the trades use and praise our products.


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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Thanks for the quick and precise shipping, and for the extra mentos in the package! nice touch