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Padding - What is it for?

Padding - What is it for?

Padding, or cushioning, is a lightweight and durable material inside gloves that shields hands from abrasions and blisters. Its shock-absorbing properties offer a luxurious feel for hands even during heavy lifting.

 Depending on the glove type and application, padding can be made of materials like EVA foam, gel, memory foam or fabrics such as cotton, fiberglass or neoprene.







The max, framer, and grip gloves, use two types of padding. We sew EVA foam inside the palm for protection. EVA foam is a popular material for lining sports gloves because of its lightness and flexibility. It effectively dampens shocks. We also apply a protective layer made of neoprene on the outer side of the gloves in the knuckle area, which is the joints between the hand and fingers. This fabric is tough and bendy so your hands can move freely when you wear the gloves


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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Fast and excellent service
In the beginning I was a little bit sceptic, because it was the first time ordering something from Poland to deliver to Belgium. Man I was wrong, they were the only supplier in the EU which had the right Mogami Cables I needed for my pedalboard, so a great match! I will definately use them again in the future. (Only downside, shipping costs are relatively high).