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Touch Screen Sensitive

Touch Screen Sensitive

A unique feature of gloves is that they use Touch Screen Sensitive technology. This lets users easily use touchscreen devices by transmitting the touch through the material.







There are several technologies that allow gloves to work with touchscreens, including weaving conductive fibres such as copper or silver into the fabric during production. These fibres carry electricity, allowing the touch signal to go to the screen.

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gloves max

Another way is to cover the fabric with thin layers of metals such as silver or aluminium. This means adding a metal layer to the material's surface. Interestingly, this technique is useful not only in making gloves but also in protecting against corrosion and for decoration.

A modern choice is nanotechnology. This method uses tiny materials, like carbon nanotubes or graphene, to make conductive fibres or layers. The material stays flexible because of this.

An effective method is the use of conductive rubber and coatings. All of these ways help you use your touchscreen devices without needing to remove your gloves.


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