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Which tape is best?

Which tape is best?
Matt500, Xtra Matt and with MAX

Matt500, Xtra Matt and and MAX are the highest quality matt fabric tapes. Our customers often ask us which one is better and we answer: it depends on your needs. tape is strong, densely woven, but thin (290-300 mic). It's a matte fabric tape coated with PE, which makes it waterproof. It also has a high quality adhesive so it sticks best to the substrate, but at the same time it is strong enough to be more difficult to remove. The tape is also the cheapest of all four compared tapes (we are its direct producer, so we avoid middlemen), but it is still a high quality product.

Eco Matt gafer pl

MAX is our answer for customers who claim that after all "the glue was too weak". So we decided to create an improved version of tape. MAX version has about 30% stronger adhesive and still does not leave a trace on the surfaces from which it was torn.

MAX gafer pl

Matt500, on the other hand, is made with denser and thinner threads. The result is a fabric that is thinner, yet stronger and more flexible. The material seems more delicate, but the technical parameters speak for Matt500 (holding power min. 600 minutes, and for Xtra Matt 60 minutes). This is not only because of the fabric, but also because of the highest quality adhesive used in it.

MagTape Matt 500 LeMark

t first glance, you can see that the roll of Xtra Matta is wider, despite the same roll length (50 m). This difference is caused by the thicker thread used in this tape, and therefore thicker fabric and a thicker layer of very strong adhesive.

MagTape Xtra Pro Marr LeMark tapes come in a variety of rolls, and LeMark's come in 50m. They tear perfectly in your hands and do not leave any glue after tearing. They are perfect for any work on stage, film set, television studio or theater. They are used to fasten elements of sound systems, lighting, cabling, connecting elements of stage design, marking places of equipment deployment, etc.


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